2010 Server Move

Welcome to the 2010 Server Move Information Page

Who this move affects: current ftp website accounts (the former TAGnet sites)

When: the move is scheduled as a phase-in over the last two weeks of January, 2010

Summary:  netAserve is upgrading our servers to provide our customers with php5 and mysql5 as well as provide us with a more robust backup/restore system and improved security.  The changes/issues you need to be aware of are listed below.

Procedure:  netAserve will begin moving sites to the new system the last two weeks of January, 2010.  In most cases, you will not have to do anything and your site will continue functioning normally.  After the move, you will need to use the new ftp hostname (see below) to reach the new server when working with your site's files.  You will be notified when your site has been moved.

Changes resulting from the server move:

  • New ftp hostname:  After the move, you will need to use the new ftp hostname to reach the new server when working with your site's files. You will be notified when your site has been moved, after which time you will have to update your ftp client to the new hostname which is 'ftp.netadvent.org'.  Your login/password combination will not change.
  • If you control your own DNS: you will need to update your records to the new server IP address, which is  The procedure in most cases will be for you to update your DNS records when we notify you that your site is ready to go on the the new server.  The exception will be for those that have database-driven sites.  We will need to transfer the latest data from the old site's database to the new site's at the time of the DNS transfer, thus requiring greater coordination between you and netAserve.  We are identifying the accounts that control their own DNS and will be contacting you regarding the coordinations necessary.  Or please feel free to contact us at support@netaserve.com and we can formulate a plan with you.
  • If you still use the tagnet.org domain for your site's url:  your url will redirect to a new 'netadvent.org' url.  The convention for the formation of that url will be:  'tagnet.org/<your site directory>' converts to '<your site directory>.netadvent.org'.  You will still be able to reach your site by the old tagnet.org url but your new netadvent.org url will display in the browser address bar.  Once the change has been made you will be notified and your url will automatically start redirecting.  If you have any question regarding this change please contact support@netaserve.com.
  • A new TAGnet site will appear:   once all changes have been completed, TAGnet.org will move to a new site.  The new TAGnet is a smaller organization dedicated mainly to the promotion of Adventist web development and the new site will reflect that mission.
  • The email server is also being updated:  for those of you who are still using the old TAGnet email server, that also is being updated.  Please find the details here.

Questions?:  email us at support@netaserve.com.





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