2010 Email Move

Welcome to the 2010 Email Move Information Page

Who this move affects: customers still using the original TAGnet email server.

When: the move is scheduled as a phase-in over the last two weeks of January, 2010


Summary:  netAserve will be moving it's email server during the last two weeks of January 2010.  For most customers the change will be seamless and you will not experience any interruptions in service or be required to make any changes.  Those customers are those using the hostname 'mail.<domain>' to connect where we control the DNS for your domain.  Others may need to make minor changes, which we try to list below.


Changes resulting from the email move:

  • New IP address:  the new email server will have the new IP address of  If you are connecting to the mail server via IP address you will have to update your client to this new IP once the move is done.  
  • If you control your own DNS: you will need to update your MX records to a hostname that points to the IP  To ensure uninterrupted service, you must do this in coordination with netAserve.  We will attempt to contact you to facilitate this.  Or you can email us at support@netaserve.com.

Questions?:  Email us at support@netaserve.com

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