Script NewsDesk

Using the News Desk extension

  1. Sign in to your netAdventist website.
  2. Select the Dashboard link at the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Select the News Desk tab at the top of the page.
  4. If you don’t see News Desk in the tabs at the top of the dashboard you will need to add the News Desk extension. To activate the News Desk extension, go to the Settings tab, then Extensions, find the News Desk extension and Activate it.
  5. Select the News Desk tab to go to the News Desk setup.
  6. Before you create a new articles or advertisements, you will need to create new categories. On the News Desk setup page, select the Categories folder from the News Desk navigation bar and select Add Category. In the Window that pops up, give your category a name and select Add Category.
  7. You are taken to the category settings page. Select the settings you want applied to your category and select Save.
  8. To create a News Desk article, select the Articles folder from the News Desk navigation bar, then in the dropdown, select the Published folder.
  9. On the Articles index page, select Add Articles. Enter a title for your article and a catagory from the drop down then select Add Article. You are taken to the article setup page.
  10. Select an author for your article, if you don’t have any author’s  added, select the Add author link and add a new author. Note: Author’s can be created by going to the News Desk navigation bar and select Authors and add them there as well.
  11. Add an article photo and the required content to your article. When finished, select Save. Note: You can attach a podcast and allow comments to be made on your article.
  12. To show your article on the homepage, you will need to add the News Desk widget.
  13. To add the News Desk Articles widget to the Homepage or a Content page, scroll to the bottom of the edit screen and select the Change link for Widgets from Page Properties.
  14. A message pops up stating: Your content will be saved and you will be directed to change your widgets and templates. When you are finished you will be returned here. Select the ok button.
  15. A page is displayed showing the current template layout. At the top of the page you have two choices in white called Layouts and Widgets. Select the Widgets tab to display the widget select page.
  16. Choose a widget container to place your widget or widgets in. Widget containers are orange.
  17. Select the Click Here to Add Widgets link in one of the containers. A window will pop up.
  18. Choose the News Desk Articles widget or the News Desk Feature widget from the list by checking the check box then select the Add Widget button at the top of the container. I would use the News Desk Articles widget first. It is the more customizable widget.
  19. Once a News Desk widget is added to a container. Select the link in the widget to select your display settings. After your display settings are set, select Save and Return.
  20. To view your widget on your homepage or content page, go to the top of the dashboard and select the View Site link. If your widget is on the homepage you will see the widget in the container you placed it in. Or, go to the content page to view your widget.
  21. To create a News Desk Advertisement, return to the News Desk tab and select the Advertisement folder from the News Desk navigation bar. Note: To use the News Desk Advertisement feature you will need a url to the original article you are linking to. Also, when you add a News Desk Advertisement widget, the photo/graphic is the only link in the widget.
  22. On the Advertisement index page, select Add Advertisement. Enter a title for your advertisement and a URL, a Priority and Category from the drop downs menus. Next choose a advertisement photo/graphic. The photo/graphic will appear original size so if your photo is large, you will need to reduce it in size to fit in the widget container. Once done select Add Advertisement. You are taken to the advertisement index page.
  23. To add the Advertisement widget, follow steps 12-20 but instead of selecting the News Desk Articles Widget, you will select the News Desk Advertisement widget.
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